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Shbepherd’s Life of Balu-mama

Ashepherd life is a bed of thorns.  It is full of suffering and hardships.  A shepherd is always on the move, wandering from place to placing, tending his sheep and goats, in search of their feed, in the rains and in the sun, bearing bitter cold in winter and scorching heat in summer the constantly faces the dangers and difficulties of a nomadic life, being exposed to the fury of nature, including wild animals, like wolves which attack his sheep.  Some-times his sheep accidentally ruin the crops of farmers, whose ire and fury he has to face.  It is remarkable that in the face of all such adversities, Balu-mama never compromised his high moral stature, which he kept intact and untarnished throughout his life.  He never begged before any one for the feeding of his sheep or for forgiveness when the sheep spoiled the crops of farmers due to negligence on the part of his servants.  His life was a living example of truthfulness, probity and industriousness.Balu-mama looked like an ordinary shepherd but his appearances were deceptive.  His person concealed a great spiritual task master, who would not tolerate even an ordinary single moral lapse on the part of the men who swerved under him.  Service under him was a test of fire.  Lying, duplicity, hypocrisy and shirking of duty always and invariably resulted in expulsion from service for good.  Those who did their duty honestly and faithfully however were always generously rewarded by him. Those who realized their mistakes and repented at heart, were forgiven and taken back on service again.  He was as kind-hearted to the good and repentant, as he was hard-hearted and unforgiving to the inveterate liars and hypocrites.